Musculoskeletal Imaging, Modeling, and EXperimentation (MIMX)  Program is a collaborative effort directed at computational modeling of anatomic structures.  A primary objective is to automate the development of patient- and subject-specific models using a combination of imaging and modeling techniques, with particular emphasis on finite element modeling.The mission of the BioMechanics of Soft Tissues (BioMOST) division is to contribute to the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the soft tissue structures in the human body by drawing upon principles in engineering mechanics. The division employs biomechanical experimentation, mathematical modeling, and computational simulations to address issues of interest in the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.


The mission of the Center for Computer-Aided Design is to conduct basic and applied research in the design, optimization, modeling, and simulation of materials, structures, vehicles, and mechanical and bio-mechanical systems, to advance the educational and research mission of the College of Engineering, and to transfer research results to a broad spectrum of academic, industrial, and government constituencies.

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