Our Research 

VSR’s human model, Santos™, is the most visually realistic and highest-fidelity digital human model available.  What sets Santos apart from all other currently available human models is his suite of interconnected, real-time, validated, physics-based, predictive capabilities.  This sets in place the unique foundation he provides for comprehensive multi-scale human modeling.  Santos is not dependent upon pre-recorded data.  Rather, through the use of novel optimization-based modeling and simulation techniques, he is actually able to predict how and why humans perform.

Our Approach

VSR is unique as an academic lab in its ability to balance cutting-edge research with customer-driven, easy-to-use software with intuitive interfaces.  The Santos environment has been meticulously designed and developed by a team of professional software engineers and developers with over 30 years of combined experience in the computer game industry.  Consequently, VSR provides a software foundation that is scalable and future-proof. 

A human is essentially a system of systems and can be accurately represented by a multi-scale model.  VSR has a fundamental, validated human model ideally suited to serve as a platform for additional models of human anatomical components.  This is reinforced by the software architecture and our configuration management approach.  Santos is well suited to serve as the core element in a wide variety of digital human modeling research and development projects.

World-Class Research in a Virtual World

VSR creates technologies that provide a virtual environment for physics-based digital human modeling and simulation in the most realistic way possible.  We are world leaders in:

  • Human Performance/Human Systems Integration
  • Posture and Motion Prediction
  • Predictive Dynamics
  • Multi-Scale Modeling
  • Physical Gait, both walking and running
  • Muscle and Physiological Modeling
  • Dynamic Strength and Fatigue
  • Whole-Body Vibration
  • Body Armor Design and Warfighter Fightability and Survivability
  • Clothing and Fabric Modeling
  • Hand Modeling
  • Intuitive Interfaces
  • Motion-Capture Technology
  • Spine Modeling
  • Real-Time Simulation and Virtual Reality
  • Validation

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