AMTech Introduces New Publication

June 9, 2013

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group (AMTech) at the UI Center for Computer-Aided Design has introduced a new electronic four-page brochure describing the cutting-edge research and development aimed at advancing next-generation manufacturing technologies.

The brochure covers resources available to manufacturers, including electronics manufacturing simulation, the Biomanufacturing Laboratory, and the Design for Manufacturing Laboratory.

The new electronic, interactive brochure is available at

With diverse backgrounds in CAD/CAM, electrical engineering, optimization, electronics and automotive manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, modeling and simulation, digital human modeling, and computer science, the growing AMTech group pursues a variety of novel projects in an effort to design, create, and test components, systems, and processes both virtually and physically. These projects range from digital manufacturing to simulation and modeling for electronic manufacturing to biomanufacturing of tissue and organ replacement parts.

Co-directors of AMTech are Dr. Tim Marler and Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat.