The Multi-Arm BioPrinter for 3D Hybrid Tissue Printing

Title: The Multi-Arm BioPrinter for 3D Hybrid Tissue Printing

Sponsor: Grow Iowa Values Fund (GIVF) Seed Grand Program State of Iowa

Abstract: The Center for Computer-Aided Design’s Biomanufacturing Laboratory, which is a part of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMTech) group, has developed an in-house unique bioprinter, the "Multi-arm Bioprinter (MABP)." The MABP can print multiple materials simultaneously in three dimensions (3D) through controlling the position of two arms with respect to each other. The MABP has been built at the University of Iowa, and it is the only 3D printer in the world that has this capability. The MABP facilitates synchronization and coordination between multiple arms through a toolpath and sensor-based system that enables crosstalk between multiple arms so that two arms can communicate in an intelligent way, ensuring collision-free motion. One arm is equipped with a coaxial nozzle assembly for printing the vasculature, and the other arm is equipped with another custom-developed printer unit to deposit cylindrical insulin-producing cell (IPC) aggregates (bio-ink). This technology enables fabrication of vascularized tissues (specifically blood vessels and pancreatic endocrine tissues for diabetes management), which is not available in the literature nor the market. The printer is compact enough to fit into standard biosafety cabinets and vertical flow hoods for sterilization purposes.