The mission of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMTech) group is to conduct cutting-edge research and development aimed at advancing and exploring next-generation manufacturing technologies, with an emphasis on model-based manufacturing and bio-manufacturing, with applicability to education, and with significant practical social value. 

With diverse backgrounds in CAD/CAM, electrical engineering, optimization, electronics and automotive manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, modeling and simulation, digital human modeling, and computer science, the growing AMTech group pursues a variety of novel projects in an effort to design, create, and test components, systems, and processes both virtually and physically.  These projects range from digital manufacturing to simulation and modeling for electronic manufacturing to biomanufacturing of tissue and organ replacement parts.

Located in the Engineering Research Facility, the biomanufacturing team is dedicated to studying interdisciplinary efforts spanning engineering, medicine, biology, and biotechnology. The Biomanufacturing Laboratory provides facilities for engineered living tissue systems using next-generation manufacturing tools to build biologically inspired structures to replace diseased or damaged organs and tissues. Laboratory research projects and activities primarily focus on design, modeling, and fabrication of tissue replacement parts, tissue scaffolds and medical devices, and cell and organ printing. Diverse software and hardware is available in support of bio-additive manufacturing platforms.

The Electronics Manufacturing team primarily focuses on software development for virtual testing in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. PREVIEW (Predictive Environment for Visualization of Electromechanical Virtual Validation) is a virtual platform to test manufacturability, design effectiveness, virtual performance, and reliability of PCBs. PREVIEW is an interactive and immersive 3D digital environment including predictive physics-based capabilities such as electromagnetic compatibility and thermal simulations to support virtual testing and manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies.

Download a PowerPoint presentation about AMTech here.