Gait: Walking and Running

Overview / Introduction

The fundamentals: What we do is walking and running prediction. Our algorithms predict every possible variable in a gait cycle while taking into consideration aspects of loading, joint ranges of motion, moments of inertia, anthropometry, body types, terrain, etc.  This is the most advanced algorithm that has been created for the prediction of gait and that is based on a true biomechanical model.  The work in this area has been funded by the US Army Natick.

Both walking and running are considered dynamic tasks and fall under the same fundamental formulation developed at VSR and coined as "predictive dynamics."  This naming originated from the field of multi-body dynamics but there is a predictive aspect to it because our method includes the human aspects of naturalistic motion and predictive behavior.



Within the VSR team, the area of Predictive Dynamics is the largest in terms of effort and dedicated researchers.  While the mathematical formulations leading to the generalized theory of Predictive Dynamics have been developed over the past six years, only recently have major breakthroughs have been made

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