News and Events



  8.21.08     MIMX announces the release of IA-FEMesh v 1.0

  8.21.08     The lab welcomes Austin Ramme, Swathi Kode, and Amy Criswell

  3.22.07     Nicole DeVries was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship ... Congratulations!

  1.16.07     The lab welcomes Anup Gandhi and Kristin Brandt

  10.02.06   Vincent Magnotta presents IA-FEMesh at the 2006 MICCAI conference in Denmark

   9.29.06    The lab welcomes Srinivas Tadepalli





 1.07.08 - 1.11.08    All Hands Meeting;  NA-MIC Collaboration, Salt Lake City, UT

 1.10.07 - 1.13.07  All Hands Meeting;  NA-MIC Collaboration, Salt Lake City, UT