Project Lead:  Kiran Shivanna, PhD
Project Synopsis:   Multiblock mesh generation techniques have been extended to mesh skeletal 
structures obtained from image datasets.  Novel mouse interactions have been incorporated to generate the building block structures which form the basis for further mesh development. Structured grid generation techniques such as transfinite interpolation and elliptic interpolation have been used to generate mesh at block level.





Mapped Mesh  
Project Synopsis:  A predefined mesh (template) of high quality may be mapped directly onto  a new bony surface (target) surface definition; thereby yielding a similar mesh wih minimal user  interaction. 






EM Segment

Project Lead:   Austin Ramme
Project Synopsis: 







 FE Mesh Development & Validation

Project Lead:   Nicole DeVries
Project Synopsis: The objective of this study is to develop subject-specific finite element models to study joint contact and to validate these models through experimental studies.  Convergence studies are performed to predict the optimal mesh density.





FE Surgical Simulations
Project Lead:   Srinivas Tadepalli
Project Synopsis:  Tools are being developed  to interactively introduce surgical procedures (operative techniques and instrumentation) to finite element models in an intuitive and realiable manner.





Spine Model Development

Project Lead:   Nicole Kallemeyn
Project Synopsis:  Novel multi-block techniques have been developed to generate hexahedral finite element mehses of the spine on a patient-specific basis